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With many years’ experience working with emergency services all around the world, collaborating with leading crime-science academics and developing mission-critical applications in the most sensitive and secured environments, our team has gained valuable expertise that we can provide to support your project and help you deliver business transformation and solutions through an agile process.
We can offer our services on a consultancy basis to help you with a range of projects, issues and challenges in a cost effective way.

  • Needs Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Business Process Review
  • Project Design
  • Requirements Specification
  • Implementation

Bespoke Projects and Solutions

Sometimes in all businesses, a need arises for which there just isn’t a ready-made solution out there. This is where our skills and expertise at Innaxys can really help.
We have significant experience in working with clients to design and develop brand-new, cutting edge software and solutions created specifically for individual clients.
Our areas of particular expertise include database management, data-mining, geographic information systems, optimisation and more that we can bring to you to develop cloud-based solutions with desktop and mobile clients operating on various operating systems.
We are equally able to design stand-alone software, as well as solutions that interface with third party applications and data sets.
In terms of security, we have delivered solutions accredited up to IL5 level, which equates to the new Top Secret classification. Most of our solutions have been accredited to IL3 (Official).

Research & Development

At Innaxys we are proud to be able to devote approximately one third of our time to research and development.
Without R&D there would be no innovation - and innovation is key to our ethos.
We work closely with academics, scientists, users and other experts to explore new technologies, possibilities and opportunities to take the valuable outcomes from crime science and bring them to life within our solutions.

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