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Gotham and DyTASK redefine Evidence-based policing provide a Tasking and Briefing based on Evidence and Crime-Science

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Excalibur is a suite of applications designed to assist police forces in forecasting demand, optimising workforce and tasking resources in the most efficient and effective way whether that be through patrols or other activities.
The Gotham module of Excalibur builds on evidence-based policing concepts and a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine to assist police forces to forecast demand with available live and background knowledge information and the least possible amount of back-office input.

Through the DyTASK module, the Solution can then dynamically task officers and monitor the delivery and effectiveness, providing accountability of the predictions and the impact of new strategies. It facilitates the real time tasking and briefing of officers using location-based services and metrics-based targets to trigger the right information to be delivered to the right people at the right time and the right place on a mobile device.

Imagine making significant operational and cashable savings for your force whilst improving policing visibility in the fight against crime...

Imagine knowing in advance where the expected ‘hotspots’ of criminal activity are emerging, and having your officers in the right locations as, or even before, anything happens…

Imagine being able to brief officers and patrols in real time whilst they are out in the community, saving time and money on repeat journeys back into the station…

Imagine being able to monitor officers’ locations both live and retrospectively against a variety of objectives and being able to optimise dispatch according to demand…
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  • Easy and intuitive to use, designed with and for police officers
  • Integrates two-way with existing force systems such as Crime Intelligence System, Command and Control, Corporate GIS, HR systems and more.
  • Advanced mapping solution with indoor location technology, resources and incidents location, tasking, briefing and hotspots available on desktop and mobile devices
  • Powerful thematic situation awareness
  • Objectives defined in plain English, easily understood and digested by officers
  • Real-time information processing enables dynamic tasking (and re-tasking) in reaction to events and priorities as they occur or change
  • Gather and relay intelligence back from the field directly from mobile devices
  • Monitor hotspots compliance in real-time and retrospectively
  • Comprehensive and powerful reporting function supporting policing and workforce planning.

Security Accreditation

All Innaxys software and solutions are built with security in mind, and the Innaxys DyTASK Solution has been designed to comply with a minimum rating of ‘Official’ (IL3) standard.
Should you need to accredit the system for your own requirements, we will work with you every step of the way to facilitate this.

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