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Managing firearm officers’ training, authorisations and armouries with a cloud-based and mobile solution

Our Training Records & Accreditation Management (TRAM) Solution is a complete cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution to manage the administration of the firearms function of security organisations (police, border security, private security organisations, etc.). The Solution is expandable to include other types of training and asset management.

  • Responds to the global requirements of managing firearms and their users
  • Easy to use and intuitive, minimising the amount of training needed
  • Cloud-based and secured role-based access through the organisation's network from desktop and mobile devices making the solution available to authorised users anywhere
  • Streamlined process eradicates delays and duplication in processing forms or off-line data; records are instantly updated; authorisations are time-bound and accurate
  • Email alerts and communications speed up key activities and processes
  • Fully integrates with the organisation's data sets such as HR systems, training, accounting and stock management

Security Accreditation

All Innaxys software and solutions are built with security in mind, and the Innaxys TRAM Solution has been designed to comply with a minimum rating of ‘Official’ (IL3) standard.
Should you need to accredit the system for your own requirements, we will work with you every step of the way to facilitate this.

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