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DAMS provides a unique way to gather, analyse and share digital intelligence

The DAMS Digital Asset Management Solution is a comprehensive, cloud-based eco-system comprising a suite of innovative modules for the end-to-end management of digital assets, evidence and files. DAMS was developed in conjunction with a major UK Police Force but is flexible enough for use by any organisation wishing to upload, store, analyse, manage and share their digital assets and files.

It incorporates a suite of advanced editing and analytics tools, as well as the ability to control and manage all available metadata and retention/deletion requirements, with functionality to securely share the images and files with other users, teams or organisations.
Together, DAMS modules enable:
  • Upload files – individual or bulk upload of files, including internal and public upload capability
  • Automatic ingestion of metadata
  • Validation and management of metadata
  • Automatic indexing and categorisation of assets
  • Editing and analysis of images, video, audio etc. with full version control
  • Map, timeline and network-based asset location capability
  • Asset and collection sharing
  • Asset retention and deletion scheduling (MoPI compliant)
  • Full suite of management reporting
  • Audit and security layers for peace of mind
DAMS can be hosted on-premise, providing a private cloud environment, or on a secure server environment, set up and managed by ourselves and our hosting partners.

Security Accreditation

All Innaxys products are built with security in mind and our Digital Asset Management Solution has been designed to comply with a minimum rating of ‘Official’ (IL3) standard.
Should you need to accredit the system for your own requirements, we will work with you every step of the way to facilitate this.

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