From our Humble Beginning We Looked at Innovating in Policing

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Innaxys Ltd was formed in 2011 from the desire to create a small, agile company capable of applying science, innovation and a wealth of knowledge acquired working with emergency services to design solutions that are not just an automation of manual processes, but intelligence-driven in the proper sense of the term, to support public safety agencies to meet the challenges they face with a 21st century approach.

I started my career as a software developer, ultimately rising to become the Sales and Marketing Director of a medium-size dynamic French SME developing mission-critical software and communication systems for Fire & Rescue Services. After seven years working in France, I decided to expand my horizons and moved to the United Kingdom where I discovered that, whilst my English was poor, I was a good developer. So I restarted a new life fourteen years ago as a software developer and, as my English improved (but unfortunately not my accent), I moved into a sales and marketing role inside a large UK-based blue chip company providing geographic information systems applied to public safety control rooms.

The story of Innaxys started in August 2011 and was boosted when we won our first contract with a major UK Police force in early 2012, for which we developed a cloud-based Telecom Forensics solution. Innaxys has continued to grow through new commissions and repeat contracts every year and to date, we have developed a number of innovative solutions, both covert as well as commercially available, which are now in use across the UK and worldwide.

Our strength is in our size – we are small enough to be agile and responsive, and to be able to take risks on new technologies, new possibilities and new thinking to find a better approach to community safety and the fight against crime.
From our base in Derbyshire we pride ourselves in working collaboratively with all our clients, involving them in every stage of the development and testing process to ensure that what we deliver to them is what they actually need and want.
The contracts we have won to date have allowed us to fund also investment in Research and Development, being able to devote about a third of our time to working with academics and users on new projects, pushing the boundaries of crime science and finding new uses for data and technology.
One of these projects was a partnership with the UK Association of Chief Police Officers Integrated Transport Systems (ACPO ITS) with whom we contributed to the ONEBOX project to develop a Police concept car defining the future of mobile policing.

We see our future in working with our clients and academics to bring together solutions that will define tomorrow’s approach to public safety.

Thank you for your interest and please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jean-Claude Lafontaine
Chief Executive Officer
Honorary Consul of France


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